T-Shirt Design

A sample of shirts made for Holey Roller, a dirt and gravel ride through the Texas countryside; El Diablo, a sweltering summer bike ride looping around Austin; and Lucky Dog Running, an Austin run shop. I created the designs for each project and worked with the printer, from setting and negotiating quantities to proofing and delivery.

shirt graphic with a snake wrapped in an alchemy theme

Holey Roller 2020

The snake, often spotted on the route, was a recurring symbol of this annual ride. Alchemy and its desire to harness the power of the elements was the theme for this year. It is an homage to how peaceful and at-one with nature a good bike ride can make you feel. The symbols are either historical, related to an actual symbol, or made up. I also expanded on the poem I wrote a few years prior to reflect the new year’s theme.

Lucky Dog Running

The run store’s owner wanted to sell a shirt that had the phrase “Run Austin” on the front with a retro feel. This design with a friendly 70’s arcade retro vibe made it into stores. They were printed on Patagonia shirts and felt oh-so buttery.

retro style Run Austin t-shirt modeled by a shop employee
snake looped in an antiquated press style graphic

Holey Roller 2018

For 2018, I took inspiration from this public domain image and used it as the base. To create the graphic, I scoured images free for commercial use, pulling elements from various sources and altering them to fit into a cohesive piece. I also wrote a short free verse poem to echo the commonly shared sentiment of riding gravel.

El Diablo 2017

Held near the hottest day of the year, riders hit the street to collect cards around town to build a winning five-card stud poker hand. Echoing the Bicycle brand playing card by replacing the cherub with the devil was an easy decision.

shirt graphic of bicycle brand playing cards turned devilish
the design shows a snake swirling through a cow skull

Holey Roller 2017

Given an extremely tight timeframe, this year’s ride was my first attempt to use free vectors as a starting point. They were then melded together with some heavy editing. Not drawing a design from the ground up was uncharted territory, but the event-goers and I were pleased with the quick, clean product.