ICG Dashboard & Homepage Design


ICG 600 had two sites they wanted to update. We advised them to combine the sites providing a new homepage and member dashboard design.

Role: Lead UI designer

The problem

The International Cinematographers Guild had an outdated and difficult-to-manage website. Being a union, its members frequently needed to log into the site and complete various tasks. But the slow, non-responsive, arduous-to-navigate site made simple tasks challenging. I was onboarded after a round of discovery to complete the design phase. The union was in flux with potential strikes, union elections, and other events, so design efforts needed to be focused and quick to align with a rapidly changing budget and scope.

Former homepage before the redesign.

Homepage after. See the full homepage prototype.

Image links to full prototype. Some interactions were removed due to Figma+font issues.

The solution

We decided to focus on two pages of the site: the homepage and the user dashboard. The homepage would set the tone for the rest of the site. It would establish typography, interactivity, and a color palette. It was also a place to combine the content of two websites into one cohesive unit. The combined content would be easier to maintain and strengthen the union’s identity for itself and its members.

Former member dashboard before redesign.

The dashboard was selected for the project to address the user concerns of being able to fulfill their union duties and access information while on the go. Often on set or working from other outposts, the phone was a pivotal device. They needed easy-to-find pathways for navigating the member’s portion of the site. Using data from surveys and interviews, the dashboard was reconfigured to fit the members’ needs.

New member dashboard.

Dashboard on a phone.

The result

Due to industry current events and changes within the union’s structure, the project was paused. The client was disappointed that we had to stop further designs after progressing so quickly with the designs. Their site is still waiting on development, but they have the tools to start them on a solid path.