Grab Bag

An eternal crafter and hobbyist, I love learning new things and poking around in the various arts. Clay, paints, felt, jewelry, music, video, they’re all fun. This is a small spattering of items I’ve made recently so you can get to know me better.

Personal Projects

Video Editing

Made for a moved-to-digital baby shower, I gathered open-source stock videos and cut them into a narrative. My partner made the accompanying music.

diorama of a raccoon conversing with ghosts
screen of a little green army man hunting a rabbit


Made using objects found in thrift stores, arcades, the beach, and everywhere. (It’s also fun to tack on fabricated meaning in post.)


A friend had sent me a set of gouache paints, so I tried a daily challenge to learn how to use them. The theme was monsters because I have a thing for horror.


Short-form [and long-form] stories are a blast. These were the start of a few character explorations.

my name made out of anthropomorphic fruits

Work Projects

Illustrations for work that were extremely fun to put into action.

bottle featuring a bat in the ATX

Water Bottles

Designed for Bicycle Sport Shop, these bottles featured a classic Austin icon.

Van wrapped in rainbow wheel art

Van Wrap

I worked with the printer to get the most saturated colors possible for this van wrap and used wheel spoke configurations from high-end bikes for the art. It served as the delivery vehicle.
kid proudly showing off their new tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

My team wanted something to give kids at events, so I made temporary tattoos. They put them all over their face, arms, and legs. Occasionally, you’d see one of the kids at the shop a week later, the tattoo still lingering on their skin, faded and speckled, because they refuse to wash it off.