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The Logo Concepts

After brainstorming a slew of possible names for the excursions branch of the shop, our team narrowed down the list to our top three choices for me to set into a logo treatment.

This incorporates an element of the Bicycle Sport Shop University logo to tie it in the BSS family. Also showed a possible version for instances with limited horizontal space. It was the “safe” treatment and name.

The original name given to the program by the shop’s owner when in the conception phase. The suitcase uses the same outline as the shop’s preowned department’s logo. No one liked the suitcase logo.
An homage to Texas’s Hispanic roots. Fun fact: the name Texas is based on the Caddo word tejas meaning “friends” or “allies.” I found the name fun. Some found it confusing.

The Cycle Tejas logo was unanimously chosen due to the inclusion of both mountain and road elements and the BSS star. Tejas was replaced with Texas. The logo would include the shop’s name when used on items that do not include a Bicycle Sport Shop logo.

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