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The predetermined Gala theme of “The Nature of Our Community” led me to combine ideas of community and nature for the logo. Woah, now! Too fast, you say? I’ll slow this crazy idea train down for you. A few quick sketches of the ideas shared:
cibolo-drawings-1An ant colony with underground tunnels spelling out the Gala name. Ants may live the definition of hive-mind, but they can accomplish great things together. Like, construct marvelous ant communities.
cibolo-drawings-2An opportunity to incorporate the bird which appears in the Nature Center’s logo. Humans are known to build bird houses next to their own simply because they find potential inhabitants enjoyable.
cibolo-drawings-3The tree concept converts branches into neighborhood streets with little houses in place of leaves. The logo’s bird would also be incorporated, resting on a street branch.
The client decided to go full-on bird. Now, onto something that looks like a logo!
cibolo-round1Round 1 Feedback: Too cold.
cibolo-round2Round 2 Feedback: Too urban.
cibolo-round3Round 3 Feedback: A little too wintery.
the exciting reveal (a.k.a. Back)