Client: Foundation Communities | Agency

Foundation Communities, an Austin non-profit that provides affordable housing to qualified residents, was in the process of building a new housing development in downtown Austin. They requested a site with a contact number and some key information about the project. After some quick wireframing, I presented a mock-up inspired by the building’s renderings. My frequent partner in digital development at the agency assisted with the more complex code of the build. The projects we did together were always my favorite at the agency.

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Client: Carpentry Associates | Freelance

Total site renovation for a skilled, Dallas-area carpenter. The previous site used Flash navigation and contained small images of projects that opened in separate pop-out windows. The content was restructured and edited down and work images given more prominence on a user-friendly, responsive site. A majority of the initial wireframe survived the re-haul of the original site.

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Client: Medwing | Freelance

Medwing¬†was ready to rehaul their e-commerce site and requested styling and UX consultation. Part of the project’s deliverables were these mock-ups for a new home page and product detail page.¬†The home page was mostly a stylistic overhaul of the original with opened spaces and new colors chosen to invoke user confidence. The product page content was completely restructured to improve flow and user experience, removing the prior tabbed information structure. A salesperson at the company later called to say thanks as the redesign had made their job easier by increasing conversion and customer engagement.