Client: Nix86 | Freelance

Nix86 set out to create an app that would seamlessly link a restaurant’s POS to their inventory and vendors in order to streamline restaurant management. The system would keep track of invoices, delivery schedules, and find holes in accounting, and users would be able to catch when product is running low so that replacements could be ordered in time. After rounds of concepts and revisions, we landed on a logo that focuses on the streamlined shipping aspect of the service by using a delivery man icon.

Client: Upside Wellness | Freelance

Logo designed for a private therapy practice with an experimental twist. As a graduate of Chicago’s improv schools Second City and iO, and practicing licensed therapist, the practice’s founder developed a method of therapy to combine humor and improv techniques with traditional healing. We agreed on simple typography logo for his business.

Client: Upside Wellness | Freelance

A collective that uses reclaimed wood (from demolished structures, wood pallets, and other sources) to make furniture wanted a logo with “a retro vibe” to show their unique vision. Long-term goals for the group include implementing a program for at-risk students to learn carpentry skills. This project that went through a couple of brief rounds with the organization’s founder.

Client: Bicycle Sport Shop | In-house


Bicycle Sport Shop University offers bike mechanic classes ranging from free instruction on how to change a flat tire to more in-depth maintenance and suspension adjustments. The mission for redesigning the previous logo was to give it a stronger visual presence, increase legibility at smaller sizes, and have it fall in line with refreshed company branding.


Another branch of Bicycle Sport Shop, Cycle Texas, offers curated trips and excursions by bike. The name and logo were finalized after a few concept rounds. The logo contains the two methods of cycling that tailor the experience – through mountain or road biking – with the BSS star accenting skyline.

Client: Bicycle Sport Shop Events | In-house


Designed in collaboration with Real Ale Brewery to update the logo by blending the branding of the two companies behind the Real Ale Ride. I worked on updating the ride’s graphic element and Real Ale provided the text lockup. The yearly ride, starting in 2006 and went through 3 logo phases, guides cyclists around the Texas Hill Country and returns to the brewery for a party.


Bicycle Sport Shop’s annual gravel grinder leaves from Smithville to follow dirt and gravel roads through the Texas countryside. The logo reflects the tire tread of gravel grinder bikes and the occasional snake that may slither along the 50-mile route.


Logo for a family-friendly Thanksgiving Day ride that delivers donations to the local food bank. Riders hook up buggies and wagons to their bikes and fill backpacks to haul donations to the Central Texas Food Bank.

logo process

Client: Tiger Style Games | Freelance

Waking Mars is a video game created by Austin indie gaming company, Tiger Style. The player acts as a horticulturist astronaut awakening life on Mars. It’s space gardening! They had a logo but weren’t satisfied, so I was brought in for a revamp. The original fonts chosen for the logo were off balance, so lettering was adjusted and color was added to fit within the game’s opening screen.