Water Bottles

Designs made to sell at Bicycle Sport Shop retail locations. One bottle with a classic Austin icon and one featuring an outline of a range in Big Bend, an icon of the Texas West.

Van Wrap

Partial wrap for Bicycle Sport Shop designed to stick out in traffic. I used spoke structures found on high-end wheels and the brightest rainbow colors the printer was able to put on a wrap. Eventually, the van was used for home bike deliveries during COVID.


We wanted something to give out to kids at Bicycle Sport Shop events so I made these temporary tattoos. They put them all over their face, arms, and legs. Occasionally you’d see one of the kids at the shop a week later, the tattoo still lingering on their skin, faded and speckled, because they refuse to wash it off.

Name Illustration

Made for fun. Hands in the air for anthropomorphism.


WARNING: Adult content below. Please, send the children to another room. They’ve had enough portfolio excitement for one day.

Ben and Nell are friends. They do things.

Pear is sassy [psychotic]. He also does things.