Holey Roller 2020

Riders of the Holey Roller, a dirt and gravel ride through the Texas countryside, receive a t-shirt as part of their registration. With a name that stems from “holy roller,” it’s hard not to want to dip into dangerous religious territory, so I did the next best thing and popped over into alchemy. With alchemy’s quests for power over the elements, it’s a nod to how at how peaceful, freeing, and at one with your surroundings a good bike ride can make you feel. The symbols are either historical, relate to an actual symbol, or are made up. I also adapted the poem written a few years past to fit the year’s theme.

Run Austin Shirt

Lucky Dog Running

Not for an event, but the owner of Lucky Dog Running wanted to sell a shirt that had “Run Austin” on the front in their store. I presented a few options, some more hip but stiff and this design with a friendly 70’s arcade retro vibe. It was the option I personally liked more. They were printed on Patagonia shirts and feel oh so nice. (Yes, I bought one.)

Holey Roller 2018

This year I took inspiration from this public domain image and used it as the base to create the graphic by scouring images free for commercial use, pulling elements from a variety of sources, and altering them to fit into a cohesive piece. I also wrote a short free verse poem to echo the sentiment of the gravel-ride event.

El Diablo 2017

Designed to commemorate a sweltering summer bike ride around Austin. Riders collect cards around town to build a winning five-card stud poker hand. Echoing the Bicycle brand playing cards by replacing the cherub with the devil was a natural decision.

Holey Roller 2017

Given an extremely tight timeframe, it was the first time I attempting using free vectors as a starting point and then melded them together with some heavy editing. Not drawing a design from the ground-up was uncharted territory, but I ended up producing a quick, clean product.