Team Bicycle Sport Shop

Team Bicycle Sport Shop is a casual cycling club comprised of over 250 cyclists ranging from racing enthusiasts to fresh-to-the-bike riders from all over Austin. Members can engage in one or all of its road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, and social rides and events. The challenge is to make a kit that would be appreciated by seasoned and new riders alike, that stands out on the road and in a crowd without being too gaudy, that suites tastes across the entire fashion spectrum, and that makes a person feel proud to put it on and be a part of the team.

2019-2020 Kits

For 2019, I moved from wild patterns to a sleek design with highlight colors that pop in the sun. The club wanted to keep the same kits moving into 2020, so I found a jersey with even more buttery fabric.

2018 Kits

In 2018, I created a pattern that could take on alternate colorways to bring playfulness to the different brands of kits and could compensate for differences in printing processes across the various custom clothing manufacturers. It was the year of loud.

2017 Kits

Based on club feedback from 2016, the design moved into a brighter spectrum using the company’s red as the jump-off point. Unlike the last 13 years of the club, the same design was carried across all club gear for the year (also a desired change expressed by the club) to create a stronger unifying effect.

2016 Kits

The design for all of the kits stemmed from the shop’s star logo. Hi-vis elements were added to the road jerseys to heighten visibility to passing cars while the triathlon and racing kits were made to be more sleek with a black background.

Real Ale Ride Event Jerseys

Bicycle Sport Shop’s Real Ale Ride takes over 2,000 cyclists through the blooming, springtime landscape of the Texas Hill Country and back to the Real Ale Brewery for a party with beers, lunch, and music. An official event jersey to match the print, advertising, and other merch created for the event (also made by me) is available for purchase.

2019 Real Ale Ride Jersey

For the 2019 ride, I incorporated a design element from Real Ale’s cans. Also added the “Up the hills and down the beers” slogan to the back since people were sad the previous year that it wasn’t on 2018’s t-shirt because “It’s so great!” They were right. It is great, and now it’s on the jersey, too.

2018 Real Ale Ride Jersey

This jersey uses bright colors in a design that abstractly mimics the bubbles in beer.

2016 Real Ale Ride Jersey

In 2016 we decided to go brighter with the design than in previous years in order to flood the hill country with pops of color. The jersey sold out quickly.