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The Logo Concepts

Round 1

A focus on the delivery function of the app. You won’t run out of a menu item, you’ve got a box of goods comin’ at ya!
This alludes to the meaning of term 86, which essentially means to take off of the menu, being erased by the app.
Another form of erasingĀ 86 from a restaurant’s language by having it ghost away before the user’s eyes.

Round 2

The client liked the box direction but wanted to explore a more human element. They were hoping for a mascot that could be pulled from the logo to be the secondary mark.

A delivery person carries a box.
A very abstract way to communicate person and box. It was too abstract.

Round 3

The client liked the full box viewed and also wanted to test out a “more capital” N. They also wanted to see what it would look like adding a head.

For the final round, they wanted to add some movement to the head and return to the previous typeface.

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